3 and freet

3 and freet

3 and freet


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Sparkle Girl’s Life

Hey Everyone!Today I am starting something totally new. I am going to be creating a WordPress Beauty Blogger Blog Hop. For those of you who don’t know what a Blog Hop is, it is a list of Blogs that you can visit to find new blogs to read and a way to get new followers. I wanted to create a WordPress only Beauty Blogger Blog Hop since even though there is lots of great blog hops already it is hard for WordPress users to join since we can follow other blogs through Google Friend Connect but they can follow us back on WordPress. Having a WordPress User only Blog Hopeallows for all who join to be able to get new followers and follow everyone else.

How this will work: From now until August 14th, 2012 WordPress users with a beauty, fashion, fitness, or food related blog can…

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